Elite Expo & Events Services is engaged in staging, audiovisual, exhibition stall interiors, and film set services for any kind of brand name or organization. Our company’s years of experience and expert knowledge drives us in exploring new boundaries of artistic creativity.

We know all about finding and developing the right lighting for any given situation, even when the site is in some remote area with no access to electrical power.

We can perform many types of event standard services like prop styling, interior decorating, lighting design, installation and technical support. Our company is also involved with stage design services for musical performances. For our clients we can provide customized ideas based.

We accept no challenge too large, and we make perfectly sure that all productions are carried out as planned.

We offer a wide range of artistic services like exhibition stall interiors, event planning and production, stage decoration, video projection mapping and cinema, film set building and design. , and even airport catering.

With a passion for creating, we have the vision to build new shows with material that is healthy and safe. Let us take care of your show or event!


Let’s Scale Your Brand, Together

We offer a perfect blend of Event management, Communication Marketing, Design and Production all under a single roof, through a collaborative approach